Lost heat Wednesday, had a service contract with M.E. Flow for a couple of years. Tech came out, the same Tech that got the heat working last year after it went out. (good to see stability in M.E. Flow’s Techs). We knew our heater/AC (builders grade) was on its last legs 12 years old. Did research again on M.E. Flow and American Standard – Got an appointment with Rich for an estimate to replace the system.  Rich was on time and took time to answer all questions – seemed to know his stuff well. We settled on an American Standard (we were offered other options -some less expensive some more expensive).  Signed the final contract Sunday afternoon.  On Monday, M.E. Flow install techs Kevin and Thomas, with Jorge and his partner also coming by to assist – the installers seemed to know their stuff. They were polite, efficient and most importantly took all the time necessary to answer questions. Installed new HVAC up and running in 8 hours – 5 days after losing heat. At this point I am very pleased with the new system. I do not anticipate I will become dissatisfied…and, after looking at the AC component attached to the heating system component – it would not have lasted another year – probably clunking out in August! I do not give glowing reviews often…M.E. Flow earned this one and I hope they keep up the good work. Good, honest contractors are hard to find.