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Expert Boiler Service in Alexandria, Fairfax and Arlington

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Own a Boiler? Problems with Your Boiler? We’ve got answers! Looking for a heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor that specializes in boiler repairs and replacements? An HVAC boiler contractor that is in your Alexandria, Fairfax, and Arlington neighborhood? If you own a boiler you know it is a great way to heat your home but just like any other heating system it does require maintenance. No matter what …it always seems when something does go wrong with your Read More

Free Second Opinion on Major AC Repairs and HVAC Replacements

Are you faced with a costly AC or Furnace Repair?  Are you unsure of a recent quote you received to fix your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system? Are you looking for a FREE second opinion without having to pay another diagnosis fee? Before you commit to an expensive repair on your AC system or a complete HVAC system replacement, let M.E. Flow help you. Since 1951, M.E. Flow a family owned business has been providing quality heating, cooling, Read More

Do You Request a Second Opinion on Major AC Repairs?


How would you feel if you called an AC repair contractor to fix your home’s heating and cooling system only find out they were going to charge you for repairs that you did not need? You  wouldn’t be too happy. What you can do if you’re faced with a major repair, costly HVAC replacement parts or an HVAC system replacement. Here’s how it happens! You can see these deceitful practices exposed in this video from the old “Hansen Files.” With the Read More

Time to Repair or Replace Your AC System

ac repair

Are you spending more money on AC repairs? Are you having to add freon to your AC system? Have you noticed that your energy bills are getting higher? If you have seen any of these signs, they are strong indicators that it may be time to replace your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. The average life span of HVAC equipment is about 15 years. According to Energy Star, your heat pump and AC system are candidates for replacement Read More

Got a Plumbing Problem?

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Call M.E. Flow in Alexandria, Leesburg or Winchester! Here is What to Expect During Your Plumbing Repair Service Call… Finding the right plumbing contractor for your job can be a big decision. Especially if you’re new to the Northern Virginia area and you are not sure where to find the best plumber. Here is what you can expect when you call M.E. Flow to fix your running toilet, clogged drain, sump pump, water heater, or broken pipe. You will receive Read More

What thrives in a home with excess moisture?

humid basement

Your Humid Basement May Not Be a Cool Place to Hangout Your basement may be a good place to cool off during this heat wave but do you know who else is hanging out there? Continue reading this article for what you need to know about the health problem created by what’s living down there and the solution to eliminate the problem. Dust Mites Yes, dust mites naturally occur in all areas of the home— but if your home has Read More

AC Tune-up Reminder Service

Did you forgot to have your AC system serviced and now it’s dirty and in need of a repair? Have you ever wished there was a service provided by your AC contractor that would help you remember to service your AC system? Our lives get busy and most of us know we should have an AC tune-up but we simply forget to do it. We are only reminded when we have a problem and are in need of an AC Read More

3 Things to Know Before You Repair Your AC System

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At some point in our lives, having to repair an AC system is something we will have to decide on. Before you decide on making that AC repair, here is what you should know about your existing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system. It will happen! One day your air conditioning system will be working fine, the next day it will be blowing hot air! Before you shell out money to fix your broken AC system, know these three Read More

Personalize Your Rooms From Paint Color to Temperature

mitsubishi electric zoned

While Lowering Your Energy Bill Too! Have you ever wondered if there are other options to the tired and true central air conditioning system? Options that would give you personalized control over the temperature in individual rooms?  Rather than having to install a portable window AC, a space heater, or to adjust the thermostat to the central air system, consider this.  Now is a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system that will do all of that—allow you to choose Read More

Celebrating Drinking Water Week

drinking water week

The plumbers at M.E. Flow are joining water utilities around the country to celebrate Drinking Water Week, May 7 -13, by recognizing the vital role that water plays in daily lives. This year’s Drinking Water week will focus on the ways in which consumers can take responsibility in caring for their home’s drinking water and water use. M.E. Flow can help you identify how much water your home may be wasting in a few ways: Schedule a whole-home plumbing inspection and Read More

How to Avoid Needing an Air Conditioning Repair

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Will your AC system keep you cool this summer? Will you be paying for an air conditioning repair…that could have been avoided? When it comes to our comfort I think sometimes we take it for granted. We know we should call and schedule our AC tune-up but we simply never get around to it. We don’t think twice about our air conditioning system until something goes wrong and it stops working! What many homeowners don’t realize is that, just like Read More

Water Runoff, Water Supply, & the Septic System

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Purchasing a Home in the County? Have you gotten to know the lay of the land? Here are a few thing you need to know… Many of us have the dream of getting out of the city and moving to the country. Having a home in the country you’re able to enjoy the peace and quiet along with the natural landscape. But before you make the move be sure you consider these three things: The lay of the land, the water Read More

Get More When Replacing Your HVAC System

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The Get More Sales Event is Here! Is your heating and cooling system over 10 years old? Does your AC system use R-22 refrigerant? Have you been told by a heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor that you should replace your heating and cooling system? If so, great news for you! With “The Get More Sales Event” offered by American Standard Heating & Air Conditioning and independent Customer Care Dealer, M.E. Flow, that’s exactly what you get! Now through Read More

The Secret to Making Great Tasting Coffee

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Looking for that secret ingredient to brewing better tasting coffee? Have you ever wondered why your home brew does not taste like the coffee from your favorite coffee shop? For many of us, our day does not start until we have had our morning joe. Some of us choose to buy our coffee by the cup because we can’t seem to get the taste right at home. But did you know there are four fundamentals to brewing the perfect coffee Read More

Plumbing Tips for When You Go on Vacation

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Going on vacation? As you plan the details of your trip don’t forget to prepare your home’s plumbing too. Most of us plan every detail of our vacation but when it comes to preparing our home we sometimes forget. To help you avoid coming home to a devastating plumbing emergency here are some tips to prepare your home while you’re away. According to the Nationwide website, they suggest for your plumbing: Put your water heater in vacation mode Turn off valves to Read More

American Standard Dealer of the Year


If You’re Looking for a Quality Heating and AC Contractor and a New HVAC System in Northern VA—turn to M.E. Flow! M.E. Flow, Inc., a heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor located in Alexandria, Leesburg, and Winchester was just named the American Standard dealer of the year by our supplier, Northeastern Supply. Every year several independent dealers of American Standard in the mid-Atlantic region gather for this awards ceremony and new product demonstration. M.E. Flow, a 3rd generation family-owned Read More

Find the Best AC Contractor in Alexandria and Fairfax County

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Looking for the best heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor in Fairfax County? Are you new to the area and you’re not sure where to find a heating and air conditioning contractor in Alexandria? It’s official! M.E. Flow in Alexandria is the best HVAC company and plumbing contractor in Fairfax County! M.E. Flow is proud to announce that our team of Alexandria HVAC service technicians and HVAC installers have been chosen as the best HVAC contractor by the Sun Read More

Find the Best Plumber in Alexandria and Fairfax County

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Looking for the best plumber in Fairfax County? Are you new to the area and you’re not sure where to find a plumber in Alexandria? It’s official! M.E. Flow in Alexandria is the best plumber in Fairfax County! M.E. Flow is proud to announce that our team of Alexandria plumbers has been chosen as the best plumber by the Sun Gazette 2017 Best of Fairfax polls! We thank our customers and the residents for voting for us. We thank our Read More

Keep Your New Air Conditioning Coil Clean

clean coil commitment

Get a Free Whole-Home Aprilaire Air Cleaner with Purchase of Complete HVAC System– Plus, you’ll get the Clean Coil Commitment from Aprilaire! There will come a day when your aging heating, ventilation, & air conditioning (HVAC) system will need to be replaced and you’ll find yourself looking for a highly rated HVAC contractor in Northern Virginia. Sure there are lots of special offers out there for replacing your heating and air conditioning system, like get a free furnace, or get a free Read More

Sump Pump Special Offer

Sump Pump Replacement coupon

Save $50 off a New Sump Pump Installation for Your Home in our Northern Virginia Service Area Need to replace your sump pump or have a battery backup installed? Does your sump pump not turn on when needed? If so it may be time to replace your sump pump. It’s recommended to replace your sump pump if your sump pump is: Older and outdated, pedestal-style pump Does not turn on when needed Makes grinding or rattling noises Runs for long periods of time Read More