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Do you use a heat pump to air condition your Northern Virginia home? Is your heat pump air conditioner not working? Need an estimate to install a heat pump?

If your home’s air conditioning system is a heat pump, it’s a good idea to have it serviced for the cooling season. Having your heat pump checked by an HVAC contractor that specializes in heat pumps is a good idea since this same piece of equipment has worked the entire cold season keeping you warm. It now needs to reverse direction and work for the cooling season, perform as an air conditioner removing heat from the home.

Heat pumps are known to be one of the safest heating and air conditioning systems because they move heat rather than create it. Since there is no gas needed for its operation, no exhaust flue is required.  This reduces dangers of carbon monoxide fumes entering your home from your heating system.

An air conditioning heat pump system will provide:

  • Enhanced home comfort
  • Lower operating cost
  • Emergency heat when needed

A heat pump is an energy efficient heating and air conditioning system used by many homeowners in Northern Virginia.  Heat pumps are available in ductless mini-splits and package units.

Do you have questions about your heat pump?  If you are looking for an air conditioning contractor to service and care for your heat pump, call Northern Virginia’s heat pump contractor M.E. Flow today—we specialize in heat pump care.


Pleased with the service

Our heat pump died and, with it our air conditioning, on a Sunday when the temperature was a humid 90. I called ME Flow and they were able to get a technician named Dustin out to our home surprisingly quickly. He was very polite and genial, put on booties, and got right to work. He worked quickly and efficiently, found the problem (a short in wiring) and fixed the problem. We are very pleased with the service we received.
–Tim B. Springfield, VA