Dominion Heat Pump Rebate Forms

M.E. Flow is a qualified Participating Contractor with Dominion Virginia Power. The forms you need are located at the links below.  Payment is expected at time of service. Customer is responsible for submitting paperwork and will be refunded directly by Dominion.

Consumer Educational Series 

An educated consumer makes the best customer. M.E. Flow is pleased to offer a variety of helpful and informative educational resources related to heating, air conditioning, indoor air quality, allergy relief, carbon monoxide, as well as other topics related to the care and maintenance of your home.

Check out these consumer educational series….

  • What Are You Paying For?
    A brochure that explains the principles of the cost in operating a legitimate heating and air conditioning businesses. An alert to consumers who may be tempted to use a company with unusually cheap prices or the FREE tune-up to get in your home.
  • Current Tax Credit equals Savings
    Purchase high efficiency and save money with the current tax credit. Part of the “Fiscal Cliff” bill EXTENDS to taxpayers savings on qualified energy efficient improvements to their homes.
  • Why the price of R-22 refrigerant is so high?
    Find out why the cost went up and what’s happening next…
  • The Wrong Insulation Can Cost You Money
    You have an older home and your wondering how you can tell if your insulation is adequate. Find out what R-value is and if your insulation needs improving.

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