Broken Heater Review on Customer Service

I wanted to write to Melanie and ME Flow for your help yesterday. I work for a company that does a lot of residential service work and new installations, and I understand the homeowners that call in and can be obnoxious wanting all the answers in the world without being able to provide anything close to enough information.  I also understand that typically you only hear the negative feedback, but it is infrequent that you receive a thank you.  So, here is one thanking you!

Yesterday, you took care of my heat issue promptly and were extremely patient and friendly. Your service man was wonderful.  Extremely thorough and very personable. The best compliment I can give both of you is from a business perspective– if I was still in charge of the shower door department here, you are both people I would have wanted working for my company!

If you have a place that you all like to have feedback/reviews I would be happy to post this for you someplace, or email it to your boss, just let me know where.

Thank you again!

N. Williams in Ashburn

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Mar 13, 2015