We Got The Right Home Comfort System!

HVAC replacement expert

Our new HVAC system is a WOW!

This review is for the sale and installation of a replacement HVAC system located in Alexandria. It was sent in an email to Rich, who is one of our professional Home Comfort Advisors. Sounds like Rich did design the perfect HVAC system!

Re our new HVAC system: it’s a wow for us. I have noticed a difference in the air quality thanks to the air scrubber and air filter, and we have good air flow and it is cool! I’m also very happy with the design you arranged for the furnace/air cooler and duct work in the HVAC closet…so much better than what we had before. I appreciate it.

Arturo and Brian had a long day of it here. Arturo is very impressive and quite the artist. he meticulously and beautifully installed the pipes and ducts, and Brian did a great job of installing the air compressor on the roof and recording all the info.

I didn’t realize we were getting such a super, duper thermostat!! It is great having this placed in a new location that is easier to see and read. You told me it would give a reading of the outside temperate but wow it does more than that. Thanks for selecting that for us.

It was lovely meeting you, thanks for selecting the right HVAC equipment for our home.

–Carole K in Alexandria

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Jun 23, 2016