Installing New Toilets

Toilet replacement in Oak Hill

Grant is a throwback to when things were done correctly!

ME Flow continues to provide outstanding service with Technicians who are professional, extremely knowledgeable, and most importantly, having integrity.  The latest, 6/06/16 thru 7/6/16, Grant B, who after (3) hours of installing new toilets, felt that the new equipment from the Manufacturer was not as stated on the boxes.  Although, finished and could have left without anyone knowing if the parts were correct or not, Grant took time calling the Manufacturer and Retailer, learning that the Manufacturer had made a mistake on all four (4) toilet tanks, inserting incorrect tanks with  correct bowls; resulting in Grant spending another (2) hours to re-install correct ones when arriving (10) days later.

Grant is a throwback to when things were done correctly and with integrity, not routinely found anymore in today’s society of expensive, improper service across the board. I was extremely pleased with him in my home interacting with and providing service.

In short, we continue to have good service with ME FLOW and its Technicians for new Water Heater, Air Conditioners and currently, new toilet bowels (4) and tanks (4).

-Randy S. in Oak Hill VA

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Jul 6, 2016