Outstanding Installation With Our New American Standard Platinum HVAC System

New Furnace and AC Installed—Review from Oak Hill

This is an email congratulating ME FLOW for staying true with its “original family tradition” of:

  • “always treating the customer right”
  • “providing the best service possible!”
  • “never sell you anything you don’t need”
  • “treat your home like it’s our own”

We have had several years of experience with various ME FLOW Technicians, via a service contract, providing acceptable maintenance and trust worthy advice, respectively; regarding our Builder installed Central Air Conditioning Unit;  resulting in our recommendations to others, who were also pleased.  Therefore, when it became a need for replacing our unit, we opted for ME FLOW versus one other highly recommended Company by three (3) others within our Town home community.

Dan, Home Comfort Advisor, sat down with my wife, explaining in great detail in layman’s terms the pros, cons of various units and options best recommended for our home, while showing patience to her questions and leaving her with a sense of your motto “never sell you anything you don’t need”.  It was Dan’s interaction with my wife that caused me to support going forward with the purchase.

Technicians Miguel O.; Miguel A.; Rene; and George followed up with installation in equally impressive manner when arriving on time at 7:20 AM and worked tirelessly, one 30 minutes lunch break, until 10:50 PM !!!!!, installing our American Standard Platinum Unit; while ensuring neatness of installation and proper operation.  This was no easy, routine installation, as evidenced with almost 14 hours on site effort due to improper configuration, installation by the Builder with the originally installed unit in 2002.

Stated Technicians were also challenged with space restrictions for the inside garage unit, limiting the ability of more then one (1) person to work effectively and quickly re-configurating and installing the new unit.  Never-the-less, under the leadership of the Senior Miguel, there was no quitting until the installation was complete and several testing, ensuring no need to return; as seen with units installed in Town homes (both instances, Contractor returned two (2) to three and three (3) to four (4) subsequent days; respectively, at each home) within our Community by the highly recommended other Contractor.

Under the Leadership of Miguel (Senior), there was coordinated, effective team effort ensuring ME FLOW’s family tradition of “providing the best service possible!” in a manner that caused us to feel your final tenet of “treat your home like it’s our own”.

I therefore on behalf of my wife, Frances, and myself extend our sincere appreciation to Dan, Technicians Miguel O.; Miguel A.; Rene and George for their exceptionally outstanding service in the original family tradition of ME FLOW as established  Millard Edward Flow in 1951 and currently enacted by President Brian Goulet and Vice President Michelle Goulet.


Randy S. in Oak Hill, VA

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Nov 21, 2014