Unclog Alexandria Kitchen Sink

We called for a plumbing service to unclog our kitchen sink. Milton arrived as promised, went to work, and found that there was a blockage far down in the drainpipe. He uses a small snake at first and then brought in the larger snake tool. After diligent and patient work, he cleard the blocked pipe, tested the drain function and cleaned up.

I wish to commend Milton for his polite and businesslike manner and his expertise in working to succed in the job. We were afriad it would turn into a severe problem with the drainage, but Milton’s efforts put those fears aside. He did a tremendous job and was reassuring as well. He was neat and careful about the way he approaced the job and was friendly all the while.

Thank you for the excellent service and please pass on to Milton our appreciation for the great way he did the job.

M. Smith–Alexandria

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May 8, 2015