Benefits of Installing a Programmable Thermostat


Choosing a new thermostat is one not to be made lightly. Opting for a programmable thermostat can save you money all year around. According to Consumer Reports you can save approximately $100 from your energy bill annually if you use your programmable thermostat effectively.

If no one is going to be home during the day you can set your thermostat lower during the winter or higher during the summer and program it to a comfortable setting so you’ll be comfy when you arrive home. Since most people sleep better when a room is cooler, it’s cost-effective to program your thermostat to drop the temperature at night and higher before you arise so you’ll be comfortable while getting ready for school or work.

You can also experience health benefits by using your programmable thermostat correctly. According to C. Ronald Kahn, professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, and Consumer Reports, if you keep your thermostat at 60 to 62 degrees fahrenheit you will burn an extra 100 to 150 calories per day resulting in about a pound of weight loss every month. Even if you set your thermostat at a slightly warmer temperature you still will burn an extra 50 calories per day and that’s an extra half pound loss every month.

Some proper use guidelines are:

  • If your thermostat runs on batteries change them at least once a year.
  • Keep your optimal temperature set for at least 8 hours. Example: During the day when the house is empty and at night while everyone is sleeping.
  • Set the ‘hold’ function while away for a weekend or on vacation. This will stop the preprogrammed feature and allow you to have a moderate temperature during the summer (warmer) and winter (cooler) seasons.
  • Cranking your thermostat up to 80 degrees or down to 50 degrees will not warm up or cool down your home any faster. Experiment with your setting and timer to find your optimal settings and you’ll save money.
  • Most homes only have one thermostat. However, if you have multiple thermostats don’t forget to set and maintain all of them to optimize each room’s temperature.

When installing a thermostat don’t forget to place it on an interior wall and away from any vents, single-paned windows, or doors. There are different models, with different features, available. Read the information and installation instructions prior to selecting the thermostat model for your needs. There are some that can be set for the time you are at work and different settings for weekends. Others can be set on a daily basis. Do your homework first and you’ll optimize the savings, benefits, and family-friendly settings.

Have questions or need help installing a new thermostat? Call your local certified heating and cooling professional who can make installing your thermostat a breeze.

Did you receive a Nest thermostat for the holidays and need help installing it? A certified heating and cooling professional can install your new Nest. Nest is a leaning thermostat that is also a programmable thermostat.

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