Indoor Air


Enjoy Improved Health and Comfort in Your Northern Virginia Home With Whole-Home Air Cleaning Solutions

How Healthy is Your Indoor Air?

You may not even know that a solution to Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issues exists from your heating and air conditioning contractor–but it does. Not only do we provide top-notch services in heating and cooling and plumbing–M.E. Flow is also qualified to provide whole home solutions to all your indoor air problems.

  • Humidifiers— relieve dry air, itchy skin, painful static shocks and more!
  • Air Cleaners— remove allergens, control asthma triggers, protect family’s health, trap dust and more!
  • Dehumidifiers— reduce your expose to mold, mildew, dust mites, and eliminate musty, smelly odors!
  • Air Scrubber Plus–reduce dust, odors, deodorize your home, pollen, mold, pet odors and more! Installed directly into your heating and cooling system.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detection— get alerted to the dangers of CO  a lower level with a low lever monitoring devise. Low level devises are typically not available at the department stores.