Aprilaire Air Cleaners

Check out this video and see why a whole home air cleaner out performs a standard furnace filter!

Perfect Air Cleaning Solution for Allergy Sufferers and those with Asthma!

Poor indoor air affects every room in your house, so why not choose an air cleaner that removes damaging pollutants from your entire home. The Aprilaire whole home electronic air cleaner is the best performing, most efficient air cleaner available on the market and removes 94% of respirable airborne dust, allergens and 80% of virus sized particles. The disposable filter lasts 1 year eliminating the bothersome need for monthly or bi monthly filter changes or cell cleanings. The Aprilaire whole home electronic air cleaner is quiet, with no distracting snapping or crackling sounds like those generated by traditional plate type electronic air cleaners.

Is an Aprilaire air cleaner right for you?

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M.E. Flow is located in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Winchester and we serve the entire Northern Virginia area. M.E. Flow is an authorized Aprilaire dealer and employs NATE certified technicians. We’re glad to give you more information on Aprilaire high efficiency whole home air cleaners.