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Whole Home Water Treatment Solution for Your Virginia Home

What's in your drinking water

When was the last time you had your water tested?  Do you know what’s in your water? Whether you have well or city water in Northern Virginia, there are many reasons to consider treating your water. By treating the water in your home you ensure that your pets, family, home, and your water using appliances are free from damaging contaminant effects of water such as:

  • Hard water–shortens the life of water-using appliances, causing a leaking toilet and leaky faucets.
  • Iron–leaves permanent staining as well as an unpleasant smell.

If you feel like you are always fixing a plumbing problem and you purchase powerful cleaners to remove the buildup of soap scum left behind by hard water…you likely have a hard water problem.  You can see the build-up on the shower doors and fixtures–but it also forms in places you can’t see…in your pipes and water using appliances. If you have ever wondered if there is something you could do to soften your water in your Northern Virginia home— there is!

Hard water is a common problem here in Winchester, Alexandria, Leesburg and all over Northern Virginia. Treating your hard water with a whole home water softening system will save you from costly plumbing problems! CSI Water Softener

CSI is the water softening system that M.E. Flow has found to be very effective in treating hard water. CSI water softening will soften your water while removing the chlorine and chloramines at the same time. Call M.E.  Flow today for a FREE in-home consultation with a FREE water analysis so you’ll get a customized solution to your water wows!!

A Water Treatment Solution for Quality Drinking Water

water-purification-1Would you like to remove the taste of chlorine from your water and make it healthier? Have you ever wondered what’s in the water?  There are toxins in both your well water and city water. Check out the video below and see if this drinking water system is for you!

M.E. Flow specializes in affordable safer water solutions for your drinking water.  Easywater Revitalife drinking water system it is chemical free and salt-free water purification systems for your tap drinking water. This system can be installed at any sink in your home.


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