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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Northern Virginia

Avoid Costly Repairs by Scheduling Regular HVAC Maintenance in Alexandria, Leesburg, and Winchester

Once the temperatures start rising, you need your air conditioner to be ready and able to handle the hottest summer days. The best way to guarantee this is to have your AC system professionally serviced during the spring, ensuring it has the maintenance and care required to perform effectively when you need it most.

Whether you have a central AC system, a heat pump, or a ductless HVAC system, our experts at M.E. Flow can provide quality air conditioning maintenance in Northern Virginia. As a third-generation, family-owned company with over 70 years of HVAC experience, we can provide levels of service, value, and quality that outperform any franchise operation.

When you need dependable maintenance for your air conditioning system, look no further than our seasoned, responsive team of HVAC technicians. Call (571) 350-3183 or contact us online to schedule service today.

    “Always courteous and professional - maintenance appointments are prompt and easily scheduled.” - Jon L.
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What Are the Benefits of Annual Air Conditioning Maintenance?

Like any complex system, your air conditioner needs routine maintenance to counteract wear and prevent future problems. After a busy summer cooling your home, followed by the dormant months of winter, your air conditioner is likely to be dusty, dirty, and ready for a good cleaning, a bit of lubrication, and thorough testing. Our routine air conditioning maintenance and tune-up services in Northern Virginia are designed to ensure your system is running properly and ready for the following year’s heat.

By scheduling a full inspection and tune-up once a year, preferably in the spring, you can enjoy many great benefits, including:

  • More reliable operation and fewer breakdowns. A well-maintained air conditioning system is less likely to break down and require costly repairs. Units need to be regularly inspected and given tune-ups so that they can run optimally. During these inspections, technicians can detect any potential problems before they become serious, such as worn belts, dirty filters, or corroded connectors. Addressing these issues early on helps reduce the risk of more expensive repairs down the line and extends your system’s service life, saving you money in the long run.
  • More efficient cooling performance. Properly maintained AC systems tend to produce cooler air. During an inspection, we can determine if there is an imbalance between cold and hot intakes which can affect airflow distribution and lead to inefficient cooling in certain parts of your home. Balancing these areas helps maintain consistent cooling throughout the structure while improving compressor performance at the same time for further temperature optimization.
  • Improved energy efficiency. Routine maintenance helps keep an air conditioner running more efficiently by reducing energy consumption. As dust and other particles build up over time, it can cause an air conditioning system to run harder and longer than necessary to cool the same space. Regular cleanings and inspections allow our technicians to remove these buildups so that your unit runs as efficiently as possible, reducing energy costs and lowering your monthly utility bills.
  • Improved indoor air quality. Without regular cleaning and service, an air conditioning system accumulates dust and dirt on its coils and filters that can be redistributed into living spaces when powered on. This not only increases irritants like pet dander but can also have a negative impact on asthma sufferers or people with allergies who are sensitive to these airborne particles. A properly maintained system ensures better indoor air quality for all occupants of your home.
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What Is Included in an AC Tune-Up Visit?

We have the people, skills, and resources to keep your AC system in prime condition. Our cost-effective service plans work to make keeping your system in good working order as simple and straightforward as possible. These plans also include additional benefits like priority service and discounts on repairs.

Our air conditioning maintenance services in Northern Virginia feature a multi-step, in-depth examination of your system, from the air handler and evaporator to the condenser unit. We are prepared to service all brands and models of air conditioning equipment. 

Our typical maintenance regimen includes:

  • Replacing the air filter. Air filters trap dirt, dust, and other pollutants from entering the system, reducing airflow, and hampering cooling capacity. As such, replacing a dirty or blocked air filter with a clean one is essential for reducing energy consumption while ensuring the proper operation of an air conditioning unit.
  • Checking the air handler and blower fan for debris. By checking for any buildup during a maintenance visit, our technicians can remove any obstructions from hard-to-reach parts like coils or fins, which helps restore peak efficiency levels while reducing wear and tear on components.
  • Lubricating the blower motor bearings, pulleys, and other moving components. Lubrication reduces friction between these parts which helps them work more efficiently by allowing them to move smoothly with less effort. This leads to improved performance as well as reduced strain on its components, which can extend the system’s service life. Lubrication also helps reduce noise from these parts.
  • Testing supply and return airflow and temperature. If there is an imbalance between airflow or temperatures in the supply and return lines, the system may not be able to cool a space efficiently, which increases energy consumption. By testing these readings, we can detect any irregularities before they become more serious issues, which will help your system maintain peak performance levels while avoiding disruptive breakdowns.
  • Cleaning condensate drain and drip tray. This maintenance task helps prevent water overflow by removing any blockages or clogs in the drain line that could lead to backed-up drains. This not only prevents potential water damage in your home but also ensures that humidity levels remain low, which contributes to improved indoor air quality and comfort. Cleaning out this part of the system also helps maintain optimal efficiency since these components are responsible for draining away unwanted moisture from the evaporator coil, which can otherwise cause issues like ice buildup on the unit's cooling fins.
  • Inspecting the condenser and evaporator. Regularly inspecting both the condenser and evaporator allows our technicians to identify deterioration, breakages and other issues before they turn into bigger problems.
  • Inspecting the control board, relays, contactors, and fuses. Testing all connections helps optimize temperature control across your home, as doing so will avoid an imbalance between supply and return lines due to faulty wiring or loose wires in electrical systems.
  • Checking for stored and current error codes. These codes indicate any malfunctioning components or irregularities with the system which can affect its performance and eventually trigger breakdowns.
  • Testing the compressor, start capacitator, and relay. These components are essential for the proper operation of your AC system. The compressor is responsible for circulating refrigerant, which helps cool a space, while the start capacitor stores and releases energy to kickstart the compressor. The relay controls when electricity is released to different parts of the unit for them to function properly - all of which can affect performance levels if not working optimally.
  • Checking the refrigerant charge, temperatures, and pressures. Refrigerant is needed to transfer heat away from a living space. Its temperature and pressure help determine how quickly your unit cycles on and off, which affects its cooling capacity. If any of these readings are incorrect, it can lead to decreased performance of the system as well as higher energy consumption due to longer operation times.
  • Testing the thermostat and zoning controls. Your thermostat helps your AC system regulate cooling in your home, while zoning allows for improved comfort as well as energy savings by allowing multiple areas to simultaneously have different temperatures.
  • Inspecting the electrical terminal, contacts, and safety switches. The electrical terminals provide power to different parts of the unit, while contacts control electricity flow to operate fans and other components. Safety switches prevent users from coming into contact with live wires which can cause shock or even electrocution if not operating optimally.
  • Inspecting the unit’s duct seal and securing panels. The duct seal helps prevent air leaks that can reduce system performance by allowing cooled air to escape, leading to higher energy consumption due to longer operation times. Securing panels are essential for preventing unwanted movement of the equipment. Components can become damaged if not properly secured.
  • Measuring carbon monoxide levels. Gases like carbon monoxide can lead to health risks like headaches, dizziness, and even death in extreme cases due to oxygen deprivation.
  • Inspecting accessory items like humidifiers, air cleaners, and air scrubbers. Accessory items designed to improve indoor air quality are complex machines just like air conditioners, meaning they need regular professional attention to stay in good shape. 

If any problems are discovered during a maintenance visit, we will walk you through what the issue is and what needs to be done to fix it. We offer comprehensive air conditioning repairs, and our fully stocked service vehicles allow us to resolve whatever problems we find fast. 

Do not put off getting air conditioning maintenance in Northern Virginia. Contact us online or call (571) 350-3183 to schedule service today.

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