Condensate Drain Line Cleaned and Checked


You Can Avoid Water Damage with this Check: Tip from an Arlington AC Contractor 

If you have ever experienced a condensate leak you know how devastating the experience can be. In fact, throughout our service areas of Alexandria, Mclean, Arlington and Woodbridge to Winchester reports of condensation leaks causing costly damage to adjoining and individual units are on the rise.

If you live in a condo you’ve likely been reminded to have your air conditioner condensate lines serviced and cleaned by a licensed heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor.  If you still need this service M.E. Flow can help you! In fact, the condensate check is part of the air conditioning tune-up!

Another prudent way to avoid water damage from these leaks is to have a condensate overflow switch installed on or near your air conditioning system. Installation of a condensate overflow devise will alert you to unintended water damage. 

If your condensate drain line gets clogged you will have a problem! Did you know that most condominium associations hold owners financially responsible for damage caused by condensate leaks?  Damage occurs to ceilings, walls, floors and adjoining units. M.E. Flow in Alexandria specializes in serving condominiums in Arlington and Fairfax County with ways to save you money and protect your property! Get peace of mind! Call M.E. Flow today! 

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