Tankless Water Heater Maintenance

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Two Things to Know if You Own a Tankless Water HeaterĀ 

Tankless water heaters are highly efficient and are gaining in popularity. Imagine having a water heater that’s capable of filling the entire bathtub and more! Having a constant flow of hot water on demand is a dream come true for many!! Not to mention you can typically conserve up to 40% in annual energy costs versus tank-type water heaters.

If you have purchased a tankless water heater here is what you should know to protect your investment and… keep the hot water flowing.

  1. Maintenance is key! Your tankless heater can last 20 plus years…but only if it’s properly maintained.
  2. Water quality is key! It does have an impact on your heater’s longevity and if the quality of your water does not fall within the manufacturer’s parameters it may void your warranty.

Think of the maintenance your heater needs like an annual checkup with your doctor or the maintenance you perform on your car. When you give your tankless water heater the maintenance it needs, you’ll have peace of mind knowing:

  • Your warranty is protected.
  • The life of your heater is prolonged.
  • Your heater will operate at peak performance.
  • Plus, minor problems will be identified and repaired before they become MAJOR problems!

Keep the hot water flowing! Don’t forget to give your tankless water heater the care it requires! Not sure about the quality of your water…M.E. Flow offers FREE in-home water quality analysis. M.E. Flow has plumbers near you too! With office locations in Alexandria, Leesburg and Winchester we are in your neighborhood! We service and warranty most brands of tankless heaters.

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