Looking for a Licensed Plumber to Install a Pressure Reducing Valve?


Reasons Why You May Need to Install a PRV

In this article we will share what a pressure reducing valve is. This regulator can benefit your home’s plumbing and water using appliances and save you money.  But first…how do you even know you need one?

Why You May Need to Install a PRV

  1. A plumber suspects that your plumbing repair or emergency could be attributed to the home’s high water pressure.
  2. When a local municipality makes a significant upgrade in the height of a water tower/tank, homes in the distribution area experience water pressure that’s considered too high.  According to PlumbingSupply.com, the height of the tank relative to the distribution area, along with the weight of the water, combine to generate the water pressure. Simply put, the higher the water tank, the greater the pressure. This is similar to the project with Fairfax Water for the County and City of Fairfax for customers served by the University Tank.
  3. If you are selling your home, the home inspector, after checking the water pressure, often will recommend the installation of the PRV.

What Should the Water Pressure Be in Your Home?

According to PlumingSupply.com residential water pressure tends to range between 45 and 80 psi (pounds per square inch). Pressure above 80 is considered too high. Pressure below 40 is considered low. 

Avoid Damage from High Water Pressure with the Installation of a Pressure Reducing Valve

A pressure reducing valve is designed to reduce the incoming water pressure to a reasonable level. This accomplishes several positive goals:

  1. It protects the components of your plumbing system, fixtures and water using appliances from the stress of the high pressure
  2. Reduces risk of leaks and a plumbing emergency
  3. Reduces water consumption
  4. Stabilizes water pressure

In fact, today in new home construction, where pressures are beyond 80 psi, these valves are required by code.

Not Sure if Your Home has a PRV?

The location of the PRV is typically where the water line enters your home. Many older homes may not have a PRV. If you need help locating yours or have questions, please contact M.E. Flow. 

How to Check Your Water Pressure

You can check the water pressure with a simple water pressure test gauge available at any local hardware store and follow the packaging directions. Or you can call M.E. Flow your local licensed plumber to have your water pressure tested. 

Have a PRV Installed by Licensed Local Plumber 

Remember, if your drains are slow and the water won’t flow, pick up the phone and call M.E. Flow! We’ll install your PRV too…simply fill out the form on this page or give us a call! We provide heating, cooling and plumbing service to all Northern Virginia from Woodbridge to Winchester and the City of Fairfax!

If you live in the County or City of Fairfax, you may be looking for a plumber to install a Pressure Reducing Valve (PRV) in preparation of greater water pressure. We have helped a few homeowners in the area already…and are HAPPY to help you too!

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