3 Facts Your HVAC Contractor Wants You to Know That Can Save You Money

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A Money Saving Tip From a Leesburg HVAC Contractor:

In this post we’ll share three ways to save money and improve the air you breathe inside your home.

Indoor Air Quality is important

Changing your filters regularly is important.  A clogged air filter will make your system work harder. You may want to consider upgrading your filter to a  whole-home air purifier by Aprilaire. This will help you manage your family’s comfort, health and keep your air conditioner and your furnace working efficiently. This saves energy, minimizing HVAC repair costs and extending the service life of your HVAC equipment. Managing the humidity in the summer (dehumidifier) and winter (whole-home humidifier) can drastically save energy too! Not to mention by maintaining proper humidity levels can reduce the transmission of viruses when the Relative Humidity is 30-60%. 

Repairing old HVAC equipment can be costly

If your equipment requires frequent repairs and you notice your energy bills rising, your equipment is being less efficient and it may be time to replace it. If your A/C system is over 10 years old and uses R-22 refrigerant you may want to consider its replacement over investing in another repair. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that R-22 damages the ozone layer and is currently in the last few years of phasing out R-22. If you have questions about an AC repair, or you want a second option to replace your AC system, call M.E. Flow. We provide FREE estimates and second opinions for replacing your home’s heating and cooling system and we’ll show you how a new high efficiency system will save you money.

Skipping maintenance will costs you more in the long run

This seems obvious when you think about it but it’s so easy to procrastinate on the regular maintenance of your heating and air conditioning system, especially when things get busy and your A/C and Furnace appears to be working fine. But for those who follow the manufacturer’s recommendation and schedule their A/C tune-up and heating tune-up each year are rewarded! The HVAC tune-up will ensure the system is operating at peak efficiency which uses less energy and lowers the utility bill.  Plus, regular maintenance prolongs the life of your equipment …saving you from having to replace it sooner.  Most importantly…it helps identify and fix minor problems before they become major repair problems!

Now’s a great time to schedule your AC maintenance. If you have questions about your HVAC system, give M.E. Flow a call! We can help you optimize your home’s heating and cooling system. We can also help you maintain a healthy indoor environment while reducing your energy bills too! M.E. Flow has locations in Alexandria and Leesburg. Serving all of Northern Virginia from Winchester to Woodbridge!

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