How to Get Great Tasting Filtered Water From Your Tap


Do you purchase bottled water because you don’t like the taste of the water from your tap?

Not sure what’s in your water? M.E. Flow can help you! Find out what exactly is in your water with our FREE in-home water quality analysis! Whether you’re on a well or city water in Northern Virginia there is a laundry list of reasons to treat your water supply. By treating your water, you ensure that your family, pets and appliances that use water are free from damaging contaminants.

Let’s face it – purchasing bottled water is time consuming, not to mention the hassle and stain of lugging them into the house! In fact, one of the top reasons to avoid bottled water, published by Harvard University is COST. The website states…bottled water is about 3,000 percent more expensive per gallon than tap water.

Did you know that most bottled water is filtered tap water?

Yes, if you read the label you’re likely to see “purified by reverse osmosis.” In other words, it’s expensive re-filtered tap water and the majority of bottled water is derived from municipal sources. So why not save money with your own home filtration system and get GREAT water every day from the convenience of your tap?

Hard Water is Another Problem

In addition to the taste, another problem most consumers need help with here in Northern Virginia is the dreaded hard water. With the FREE in-home water analysis offered by M.E. Flow, we’ll show you the hardness level of your water. We can provide you with solutions that will protect your pluming and make cleaning everything a whole lot easier.

The bottom line is this…

When you know what’s in your water, and you treat it with the right water treatment, you’ll undeniably enjoy these benefits:

  • Enjoy bottled water taste from every tap in your home with no unpleasant taste or odor
  • Removed bacteria and impurities while reducing particulates and chlorine
  • No lugging cases of water, trips to the store or delivery fees for water
  • Save your appliances and pipes from scale build-up…aka fewer plumbing repairs
  • Reduce itch, dry skin and allergic reactions that chlorinated water can cause
  • The food you prepare will taste better
  • Reduced bottles in your recycle bin

In conclusion, as concern for water quality increases, you can be assured the quality of your water is safe for your family with a FREE in-home water analysis. With this knowledge, you can then treat any concerns you may have with the right home water filtration/treatment system.

Most importantly, are you ready to kick the bottled water habit and make the move to drinking quality tap water? Contact M.E. Flow today for your free water quality test! We have a team of plumbers who are trained water quality specialist.

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