Mitsubishi ductless ac installation Lovettsville
On Wednesday September 23 I had a Mitsubishi ductless AC unit installed in my home. A very simple statement, but let me explain a bit further. I recently bought a home in Lovettsville, circa 1790. That’s not a typo! The house had some upgrades including two older Mitsubishi units on one side of the house. This arrangement was extremely inefficient, as the living room smelled musty and mildewy, and the room above, my sewing studio, got too hot to work in.

Nate, Gary, and Grant came to the rescue and installed the unit in a professional manner. They had to remove some window trim to fit the units properly, but they had the precision of surgeons—the trim can be reinstalled at a later time. They were gentle while drilling through 200 year old bricks. They cleaned up as they went along, and I really appreciate that! After the installation, Nate showed me how to operate the units in greater detail, and when I walked into my studio it was COLD!! The living room smells fresh!

My colleague recommended M.E. Flow saying “once Flow fixes it, it stays fixed.” Thank all of you for your work!

–Ethel in Lovettsville


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