Mitsubishi Ductless Case Study in Leesburg, VA

Bulky ductwork, electric baseboards, too many thermostats, high energy bills!

In my four years of working for M.E. Flow, I’ve often spoken with many of our clients who replaced their heating, ventilation, and air conditioning system. Many of our clients replace their AC system simply because they stop working, or they’re facing a major repair. But when the Zang family in Leesburg shared their story, it was evident it was a story worth sharing with other families for many reasons. It was a story that even our partners at Mitsubishi Electric Cooling and Heating had an interest in.

The Zang family had an outdated HVAC system in their 1970’s Leesburg home. It was an HVAC system that never met any of their comfort needs. The Zang family knew there was new technology available for heating and cooling their home. They wanted new technology that did not require the bulky ductwork that was currently consuming their closet space. They despised the outdated energy consuming electric baseboard heating and wanted it gone. Their challenge was to select a sophisticated, and cost-effective replacement heating and cooling system—one that would meet all their comfort needs and reduce their energy consumption.

Mitsubishi Electric ductless split with wall mountGuess what? They found it! We at M.E. Flow are so happy that they also found us! Check out this newly published case study for the Zang ductless mini-split installation in Leesburg, Virginia. In this case study, you’ll find out why they chose Mitsubishi after reviewing all the ductless HVAC brands. And you will also find out why they chose Mitsubishi Diamond Contractor M.E. Flow in Leesburg to install their system.

In the end, they reduced their energy savings by $100 a month, gained space in their home, and the benefits of healthier cleaner air. Not to mention how they made their home a comfortable place for them and their dogs too!

Mitsubishi case study Leesburg VA
Mitsubishi Case Study

At M.E. Flow, we have an entire team of Mitsubishi ductless HVAC experts! Like Dan, our home comfort advisor mentioned in the case study, all our comfort advisors are trained and knowledgeable about this product line. They have helped several homeowners rethink their outdated HVAC systems and many have taken advantage of the many benefits of installing the Mitsubishi Electric product lines. If you’re in the Leesburg area, we have recently installed one at the M.E. Flow Leesburg location, and you are welcome to come into our office to see and listen to it in operation. We also have a Mitsubishi Electric ductless system located in our Alexandria office. Check out our AC ductless page and our gallery for photos ductless mini-split installations. Our installers are NATE certified too! Fill out the form on this page or call us today for a no-obligation free quote!

Thanks for reading and please like and share this post. You may help someone rethink their outdated heating and cooling system. Heidi Micale for M.E. Flow.

The published case study can be viewed on the Mitsubishi website.