Should I Replace My Oil Burning Furnace?


If There’s Gas or Propane in Your Neighborhood and Your Oil Furnace is Over 20 Years Old…This Could Be Your Perfect Opportunity

Are you seriously ready to stop burning oil to heat your home? Are you sick of paying the high cost of oil to feed your furnace? If you are looking for a better way to heat your home then read the rest of this article.

Did you know that if the oil furnace in your home is over 20 years old, your heating system could be operating at 70% efficiency or even lower*? That means as much as 30% of the energy you burn to heat your home could be going up the chimney! With oil prices nearing $4 per gallon, that’s nearly $1.20 per gallon going up in smoke!

Why go through another cold season here in Northern Virginia with your old, inefficient, oil-burning furnace when there are some great options available to you — especially if there is gas in your neighborhood? Some of your neighbors are already saving money by heating their home with newer technology with energy-efficient heating systems for gas or propane. Why not enjoy the savings they do?

Gas service may already be in your neighborhood, making converting from oil to natural gas easier and more affordable than you think. Depending on the heating system you install and the nearest gas main location, the gas company may even run the gas line to your home at no charge!

Let the comfort specialists at M.E. Flow help you convert your home to an energy-efficient, cost-saving, and clean burning fuel heating system. We offer natural gas and propane gas conversions, as well as hybrid fuel systems that can increase your heating efficiency up to 30%.

If you’re looking to reduce your heating cost and get away from an oil-burning furnace, then contact the home comfort advisors at M.E. Flow. Or, fill out our quick form for replacing your heating system to let us know you’re interested. Our goal is to educate our customers in our Northern Virginia service area about energy savings and home comfort issues for HVAC and plumbing.

* Prices and efficiencies are approximate. Your savings and efficiencies may vary. Refer to your oil bill for your average cost per gallon and AHRI for efficiency rating for your unit.

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