Why Your Shower Head May Be Getting Slower

Shower Head

The Mystery of the trickling showerhead 

Have you noticed that the water flow from your shower head is getting slower? Remember when you could jump in the shower, lather up, and quickly rinse off and be off with your morning routine? There was when a time when the water was delivered with a good steady stream. So, if you did not install a low-flow shower head to conserve water in the bathroom, what happened?

This is a common problem for people who have homes using well water, and may have hard city water –although this can happen to any home and any bathroom.  What happens over time as the water passes through the shower head, minerals in the water begin to build up in the shower head creating scale.  This causes the water flow to decrease, little by little, until you feel you have to almost scrub the shower head clean with a wire brush in order to get water.

A way to clean your showerhead 

A simple way to clean your shower head is to tie a small baggie of vinegar around the head, letting it soak overnight.  The vinegar eats away the built-up mineral deposits.

How to prevent the mineral build-up

There are products available that remove the minerals in the water that create hard water. If you’re looking for a salt-free solution that is maintenance-free— a good solution is the No Salt Conditioner by Easywater.

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