You Really Should Have Filtered Drinking Water

Filtered Water

How much water do you drink daily? Do you filter your water? Are you drinking water directly from the tap or are you buying bottled water? These are questions to ponder over when you consider improving your drinking water situation. According to, 44% of people in Northern Virginia have filtered drinking water.

It is reported that tap water in most states has at least 260 contaminants, according to They also quoted the NRDC stating,

“pregnant women, young children, the elderly, people with chronic illnesses and those with weakened immune systems can be especially vulnerable to the riskes posed by contaminated water.”

Bottled water isn’t much better and it gets costly. Fairfax County reports that a few years ago, “bottled water sales netted 11.7 billion dollars”. Most people purchase overpriced bottled water for the convenience and the perception that it is healthier than regular tap water. Most bottled water is straight from the tap, which isn’t necessarily bad since tap water is federally regulated. Bottled water companies don’t have as much required testing.

This is why you really should filter your drinking water. There are several ways to filter water including using carbon and reverse osmosis. There are several retail products you can attach to your faucet that claims to filter water. The problem with most of those is that they may remove unwanted chemicals and pollutants, but they also remove minerals and vitamins. Most of them simply don’t work.

We recommend the Revitalife Drinking Water System. Not only does it significantly reduce unhealthy toxins, but it also increases water flow, improves the taste and restores beneficial minerals. The entire system can be installed and stored under your kitchen sink. Save your money and stop buying bottled water and cheap ineffective water filters. Improve the quality and taste of your water with a new Revitalife Drinking water system today.

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