How to Choose the Best Heating & Cooling Contractor

NATE Certified

After this record-breaking cold winter that spiked our energy bills— homeowners are turning to heating & cooling contractors for relief. With a predicted forecast of an oppressively hot and humid summer, now is the time to prepare —because a good heating and cooling contractor can help you significantly reduce your energy bills with either a tune-up or the recommendation of a high-efficiency system replacement.

Many homeowners who have heating and cooling systems over 8 years old are shopping for new high-efficiency system replacements now, and careful consideration should be given when choosing a contractor for this type of purchase.

Before calling any contractor, the most important thing to look for is a licensed HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) contractor.
The contractor should also be insured, pull the property permits, offer warranties on their work, and perform employee background investigations that include a criminal records check and drug testing. Finally, look for a contractor who employs NATE-certified HVAC technicians— the NATE certification is recognized as the best in the business.

Before the heat and humidity arrive, homeowners should take advantage of the no-obligation estimates offered by most contractors. Being an educated homeowner, you know preparation is the key and there is no time like the present to find your contractor. As we move forward into the predicted sizzling summer months, you’ll be able to sit back knowing that you are prepared to beat the heat. Whether you replace your system now, or simply get an estimate, you’ll be ready.

Sure, you can shop around and look for a “good deal” on a heating and cooling repair or a new system— but if the company or the workers are not licensed— you’ll get no guarantee, no warranty, …translation —you get what you pay for!

Written by Heidi Micale, Marketing and Client Relations, for M.E. Flow, Inc.

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