Tankless Water Heater Or Storage Water Heater? Your Choice.

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Do you choose to install a new tankless water heater system or do you repair/replace your existing storage water heater? First, understand the main concepts of the two. The goal of a tankless water heater, sometimes known as an on-demand water heater or instantaneous water heater, is to heat water as needed, and have an endless supply of hot water, rather than lose energy and spend money heating water that isn’t being used. Traditional storage water heaters actually store gallons of water and use energy to keep it heated so its available whenever hot water is needed. There are pros and cons to both and it really depends on the size of your family, your families needs, and your home. Consider the following while making a decision.

  • How much hot water does your household use daily?
  • How often are you using hot water in different situations at the same time?
  • What is your overall budget for addressing your hot water concerns?

According to ConsumerReports.org, “30% of your homes energy budget is spent heating water” on average. They also report that “the average household uses about 76-78 gallons of hot water daily”.

In a large household with two parents and 3-4 children, your hot water usage could easily exceed 100 gallons per day. Considering that 3 hot showers, a hot bath, laundry and washing dishes can not only happen every day, but most likely at the same time. In this situation, a storage water heater will run out of stored hot water. Somebody has to take a cool shower.

If budget is a serious issue, a storage tank water heater will cost less initially. If you have a small household with little hot water usage, it could be sufficient for you. Over time, you’ll still deal with the energy costs associated with its operation. A tankless system will generally cost more up front but you reap the benefits in the years to come because the higher efficiency and lower energy bills will offset over time.

According to Energy Star, a United States Environmental Protection Agency program, a “ENERGY STAR certified gas tankless water heater will cut water heating expenses and is a great choice for new construction and major remodeling”.

new HVAC unit in closet

They are designed to save space so the closet, attic space or area in your garage can be used for something else. With proper care a tankless water heater will last more than 20 years while storage tank water heaters last about 13 years. In a large household, you may want to install more than one tankless water heater. One can be used for appliances like washing machines and dishwashers while, the other can be used for personal use like bathing and showering.

M.E Flow can visit you and provide the ideal solution for your home’s hot water needs. If it’s repair of your existing storage water heater or the installation of a new tankless water heater system, we can handle it. Set up an appointment with one of our plumbing specialists.

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