A Whole-home Humidifier Will Lower Your Energy Bills and You’ll Stay Warmer!


I don’t know why, but our home comfort advisors, a.k.a. Aprilaire Indoor Air Quality Specialists, are responding to more Winchester area homes to improve the dry indoor air conditions than our home comfort advisors in Leesburg and Alexandria.

Dry air is typical this time of year as the heating season begins. The culprit is the reduction of relative humidity inside the home. According to the Aprilaire website, the relative humidity (RH) of the air drops significantly when the cold, outdoor air is brought into your home and heated. To correct this uncomfortable problem, we explain and help our clients understand that humidification is the process of adding moisture to the air. Proper humidification is one of the most important aspects of total indoor comfort, yet it’s one of the least understood.

Using an Aprilaire Whole-Home Humidifier is one of the most effective ways to add the proper amount of humidity to your indoor air and prevent the problems caused by dry air. Some of the problems you may notice this time of year are:

  • Static electricity and painful shocks
  • Dry and cracking skin
  • Sinus pain
  • Itchy skin
  • Damage to wood furnishings
  • Cracks developing in wood flooring
  • Feeling cold and uncomfortable

Did you know that a whole-home humidifier can make your home warmer in the winter, increase your comfort, and save you energy too?

Why does having a humidifier make your home warmer?

As stated earlier, when you heat the cold outside air to room temperature during the winter, the air inside your home loses humidity. To replace that loss, air seeks other sources for additional moisture. The heated wintertime air will take moisture from whatever sources are available, including the human body. This leaves you feel cold and uncomfortable in your home–even at 75 degrees.

When the air inside your home is dry, it’s thirsty.  Dry air will evaporate moisture from your skin, cooling your body and making you feel chilly. But, when you have a whole home humidifier and the humidity is raised to the recommended levels, you can dial your thermostat down to the correct level of humidity and feel more comfortable.

Optimal humidity levels will keep you feeling warmer at cooler temperatures, which means you will be able to lower your thermostat, save energy, and reduce your heating costs.

So, I have a feeling that as we get further into the cold winter season, our Alexandria and Leesburg service technicians will address more complaints for dry indoor air from the residents of Fairfax and Loudoun County, and our Aprilaire Whole Home Humidifiers will be flying off the shelves!

Have questions or are you in search of a contractor who is a trained Aprilaire Indoor Air Quality Specialist? Contact M.E. Flow by filling out the form on this page or simply call us at (571) 350-3183 to meet with one of our professional home comfort advisors. Our home comfort advisors specialize in helping our customers gain greater comfort in their homes because they are trained Indoor Air Quality Specialist.

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