Fall is the Time to Start Thinking of Ways to Protect Your Pipes From Freezing

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The cold freezing temperatures will soon be here in Northern Virginia–fall is the time to think about taking extra measures to protect your plumbing pipes from freezing and bursting. If any of you have ever had the unfortunate experience of a burst pipe you know it can be disastrous and costly to repair.

So what can you do before the winter hits to protect your pipes from freezing?

During a recent conversation with our plumbing manager, Mike in Leesburg, he explained to me a service that M.E. Flow provides to customers who purchase a Plumbing Service Agreement (PSA). For customers who request this plumbing service now, they will receive a whole home plumbing inspection before the freezing temperatures and snow arrives. Here is what Mike shared:

  • We will show you how to turn off your outside water faucets for the winter and how to turn them on again for spring–something overlooked by many homeowners and often the damage is not noticed until the spring or summer when you use your outside water faucet
  • We will look at the outside outlet of the sump pump to show you how to prevent it from freezing
  • Plus, you get all the other perks and benefits that go with a PSA. Click here for a complete list.
  • You’ll get to spend about an hour with one of our amazing plumbers!

I can attest to not turning off the outside water faucets…after finding a wet carpet in a basement closet the following summer! I called my favorite plumbing service in Leesburg Virginia who located the damaged outside faucet near the area. The pipe connected to the faucet was split because the water had frozen and expanded the pipe. The slow leak had been going on for some time and I had to suffer with the clean up for water damage, mold, and the insurance claim. The outside faucet spigot was also replaced with a frost proof type. I now know that it could have been avoided–had I understood what you need to do when you live in Virginia to prepare for winter!

So, I hope that this article will help you and maybe save you from having to deal with a frozen or burst pipe this winter. For more tips check out this prior post, “Tips to Avoid Frozen Bursting Plumbing Pipes.”

Remember, having a Plumbing Service Agreement with a professional plumbing service like M.E. Flow, you’ll always get the best pricing and always a trusted and qualified plumber ready to service you! I can attest to that too! Heidi at M.E. Flow

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