Your Hamilton Water Quality Could Be Why Your Water Heater Needs Another Repair

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In this post, you will find out why a leaking water heater in Hamilton, Va. was caused by the quality of the water. You will also learn the long term solution to preventing this reoccurring plumbing repair.

When was the last time you had to find a plumber to fix a leaking water heater? If you live in Loudoun County, and in the Hamilton area, you may find yourself questioning why you are looking for a plumber to repair another leak on your water heater or on another water using appliance. That is exactly what we were asked by a customer for water heater services in Hamilton, Va.

To the customer it appeared that the leak from the hot water heater reoccurred because of the quality of the copper used during the first repair. When the plumber removed the copper pipes the damage was clear that this plumbing problem had been created by the quality of the water and nothing else.

The well water in this area has a high level of iron and calcium which creates the rust and scale that clogs and continues to damage the pipes—this damage was evident on the copper pipes that were replaced on the hot water heater as seen in the photos on this post.

Without installing a quality water conditioning system, this problem is likely to repeat itself. Like many plumbing service companies M.E. Flow does warranty our parts and labor for a year but we cannot warranty the work or parts for the damage caused by scale build up—something we cannot control.

What is the long term solution to scale build up that will clog your pipes and make your hot water heater leak like this plumbing repair in Hamilton?

  1. Get your well water tested, that way you will know exactly which contaminates are present in your water.
  2. Install a quality water treatment/conditioning solution, like the CSI Water Treatment System.
  3. Have a plumbing service agreement with a professional plumbing service like M.E. Flow, that way you will get the best prices and always have a trusted and qualified plumber ready to service you.

Have question about the quality of your water in Hamilton, Va or other locations in Northern Virginia? Are you concerned about the damaging effects the hard water and scale build up is creating that is clogging your pipes? Contact M.E. Flow today by filling out the form on this page or calling us at (571) 350-3183 and ask to speak to a water conditioning specialist. M.E. Flow’s service area includes all of Northern Virginia and portions of West Virginia too!

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