Preventive Maintenance for Plumbing and HVAC

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Never forget to tune-up your air conditioner again!

Preventive maintenance plans are available for plumbing, heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. With spring finally arriving now is a great time to share some information on why you may want to start the new season with a maintenance plan.

If you’re like me, the last thing on your mind is servicing your plumbing and your heating and cooling system. Most of us don’t think about calling a contractor until something goes wrong. That alone is a great reason to consider investing in a HVAC and Plumbing maintenance agreement. The number 1 reason for service problems is simply lack of maintenance. Just like your car, your HVAC system needs service to operate efficiently!


Whether you’re replacing your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system or you’re having an older system repaired, chances are a maintenance agreement will benefit you.

A maintenance service agreement is designed to save you money on routine maintenance. A maintenance agreement is held between you and your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor. When you join a maintenance plan, you get service at a discounted rate and there are no-charges for the 2 inspections. Check out our AC maintenance page for a list of items our HVAC technician will go over.

HVAC Inspections include:

  • Cooling maintenance tune-up inspection for your air conditioning system
  • Heating maintenance tune-up inspection for your heating system

Plumbing Inspection:

  • Complete whole home plumbing inspection done annually

M.E. Flow has preventive maintenance service plans for:

  • Cooling and heating systems
  • Plumbing systems
  • Maintenance Agreement (CMA) that includes a heating and cooling tune up and a whole home plumbing inspection. This plan includes additional savings and peace of mind!

One of the biggest perks of having a service agreement with a reputable heating, cooling, and plumbing contractor is the maintenance reminders—you’ll never forget to give your system the service it needs.

Replacing your HVAC system? Warranties on new HVAC systems require regular maintenance. That’s another reason why maintenance agreements exist.

Why a plumbing inspection? We can’t stress enough the importance of having your system checked. For many of our plumbing customers, it’s the checking of the toilets that really pays off! Did you know that a leaking toilet can leak up to a gallon of water a minute! That’s a lot of dollars down the toilet!! Check out our plumbing maintenance page for the list of items our professional plumber will go over.

With a service maintenance agreement from M.E. Flow, our team of highly trained plumbing and HVAC technicians will keep your systems in top condition. You can relax knowing that your systems are receiving our guaranteed superior attention every year which will help you avoid problems before they occur. To sign up, give our office a call. Or, sign up with your service technician if you’re having an air conditioner repair or a plumbing problem serviced.

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