Do You Request a Second Opinion on Major AC Repairs?

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How would you feel if you called an AC repair contractor to fix your home’s heating and cooling system only find out they were going to charge you for AC repairs that you did not need? You wouldn’t be too happy.

Here’s what you can do if you’re faced with a major repair, costly HVAC replacement parts or an HVAC system replacement.

Get a Free Second Opinion

Here’s how it happens! You can see these deceitful practices exposed in this video from the old “Hansen Files.”

[youtube embed=”W5_7_XG0wgc” autoplay=”1″ mute=”0″]

With the increase in heating and air conditioning companies readily available to hire in Northern Virginia, today’s consumer needs to be vigilant about who they choose. Sure, a low-cost tune-up might sound like a good deal, but beware. After watching this video, two words stand out: dishonest and incompetent.

Plus, you have to wonder… Do the capacitors really need to be replaced? Is my system really leaking freon? Do I have LRA – a locked up rotor amp (aka the unit is shot and needs to be replaced)?

Don’t pay for AC repairs you don’t need!

Here is what you can do to avoid paying for unnecessary AC repairs or replacing your heating and air conditioning system before its lifespan is over:

  1. When someone gives you the bad news, get a second opinion!
  2. Word of Mouth – Get a recommendation for a trustworthy HVAC contractor from someone who has had a good repair experience. Those recommendations can be found from friends, family, and don’t forget the BBB!
  3. Take good care of your AC system.

Here is what you need to know: before you commit to expensive AC repairs or an HVAC system replacement, do your research! Find out if you really need the work done that was recommended by the HVAC contractor. Let M.E. Flow give you a free no-obligation second opinion on your major AC repair and HVAC system replacement.

Call (571) 350-3183 for details and go with “The Flow”…delivering peace-of-mind since 1951! We are family-owned and operated, too!

Get a Free Second Opinion

Do You Request a Second Opinion on Major AC Repairs? | M.E. Flow, Inc. – Virginia

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