Due for a HVAC Tune-Up?

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If your heating and cooling system is over 15 years old and uses R-22 refrigerant here’s some information to help you decide if you should invest in another AC repair or have the unit replaced. 

Facing frequent repairs? If you’re having to call an HVAC ( heating, ventilation and air conditioning) contractor because you have no heat or the AC is not working and you notice your energy bills rising, your HVAC equipment is becoming less efficient and it may be time to replace.

Average lifespan  – When serviced annually and properly maintained the average life of a typical AC unit is about 15 years.

SEER rating – SEER measures air conditioners’ cooling efficiency. A higher SEER rating means greater energy efficiency. Today the Department of Energy (DOE) mandates for our region 14 SEER, using R410A refrigerant.

Why R-22 Refrigerant is so costly–  The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) determined that R-22 damages the ozone layer and is currently in the last few years of phasing out R-22. With the phasing out, the EPA has stopped the production of R-22 and no longer allows it to be imported. R410A is the refrigerant used in the manufacturing of new air conditioners today.

Depending on the exact age of your system, over time replacement parts could get harder to find, and the price for r-22 refrigerant will get more expensive– as production has stopped. Before you invest in another repair to an older HVAC system request a Repair vs. Replacement assessment from a trusted HVAC contractor like M.E. Flow. 

If you have questions about replacing the furnace, AC or boiler heating system in your home…ask M.E. Flow! Always a free estimate with no-obligation!

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