Keep Your New Air Conditioning Coil Clean

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Get a Free Whole-Home Aprilaire Air Cleaner with Purchase of Complete HVAC System– Plus, you’ll get the Clean Coil Commitment from Aprilaire!

There will come a day when your aging heating, ventilation, & air conditioning (HVAC) system will need to be replaced and you’ll find yourself looking for a highly rated HVAC contractor in Northern Virginia. Sure there are lots of special offers out there for replacing your heating and air conditioning system, like get a free furnace, or get a free ac system… but why not take advantage of an offer that will help you prolong the life of your new equipment and help keep your AC coil clean.

Purchase a Complete HVAC System from M.E. Flow and we will give you something to talk about! You’ll get a Free Whole-Home Air Cleaner / Air Purifier by Aprilaire*.Plus, you’ll get the added value of the Clean Coil Commitment from Aprilaire.

Since your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system can use as much as half of your energy costs, it makes sense to replace it with a new energy efficient model. With a new HVAC system and our whole-home Air Cleaner by Aprilaire — you’ll get a host of benefits that include:

  • Efficiency
  • Reliability
  • Comfort
  • Clean Air

Why is M.E. Flow providing this whole-home air cleaner / filter for FREE?

Because M.E. Flow wants to help you protect your investment and keep it clean. There is no doubt that the best time to install a whole-home air cleaner is when you’re replacing or updating your old heating and air conditioning system. M.E. Flow knows that aside from regular maintenance tune-ups the Aprilaire whole-home air cleaner is the best way to protect your HVAC system from the damage caused by particles and contaminants that can get inside your system with the standard 1” pleated filters.

A Whole-Home Air Cleaner will:

  • Control dust – Removes at least 96% of pollen, mold, airborne dust and other large particles
  • Protect your family’s health— Permanently traps indoor allergens that can lead to respiratory problems
  • Easy maintenance— This replaces the 1” standard filters and can be changed as little as one time per year!*

Clean Commitment for 10 Years

The Aprilaire Air Cleaner is so effective at preventing particles and contaminants from getting into your HVAC system— Aprilaire offers a 10 year clean coil commitment— Clean Coil Commitment, when properly installed by a licensed HVAC contractor, like M.E. Flow, and with the required regular maintenance tune-ups needed for your new HVAC system.

Take advantage of this offer and request a quote today to replace your HVAC system!

*Offer valid on select systems. And, depending on the family, pets, etc. who live in the home …it could be more than once a year.

Clean Coil Commitment

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