Who to Hire to Install a Sump Pump for a Wet Basement?


Are you having problems with a wet basement in your Alexandria, Leesburg, or Winchester home? Not sure where to start to fix the problem of a wet basement?

There are several things you can do to manage the water that comes in contact with your home like installing gutters, grading, using downspouts, water proofing, drainage and installing a sump pump. With that said, there are several different types of contractors you will come in contact with who play a role helping you fix your wet basement problem.

According to Checkbook, a nonprofit ratings and reviews of local service companies organization, when installing a sump pump it is best to hire a plumbing contractor. Checkbook warns that other contractors who provide solutions to fixing a wet basement may offer to install a sump pump — but some may try to sell you more than you really need.

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