Sump Pump Special Offer


Save $25 on a New Sump Pump Installation for Your Home in our Northern Virginia Service Area

Need to replace your sump pump or have a battery backup installed? Does your sump pump not turn on when needed? If so it may be time to replace your sump pump in you Arlington, Alexandria, Ashburn, Leesburg or Winchester home.

It’s recommended to replace your sump pump if your sump pump is:

  • Older and outdated, pedestal-style pump
  • Does not turn on when needed
  • Makes grinding or rattling noises
  • Runs for long periods of time
  • Turns on and off frequently

Remember to check your sump pump regularly. Just like any appliance a sump pump can fail. It’s suggested that you check and test your sump pump every month.

If you have any questions about the operation of your sump pump please contact us and we will assist you. If you need a new sump pump installed M.E. Flow can help you. Click here and save $25 on a new sump pump installation.

Have concerns about all the plumbing in your home? Why not request a whole-home plumbing inspection? If you have a sump pump we will check it. Plus, with a whole-home plumbing inspection you’ll save money on all your plumbing repairs for an entire year! M.E. Flow has office locations in Alexandria, Leesburg, and Winchester and our plumbers service the entire Northern Virginia area– Go with “The Flow!” Call (571) 350-3183 today!

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