3 Benefits Provided by Installing Low Flow Plumbing Fixtures

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With a low flow toilet, showerhead and faucet you’ll save on water and your water softener will use less salt!

Now that fall has arrived, we can start to save on our water usage! No longer will we need to water our lawns or run the hose endlessly to cool off! No matter what the season we can continue to save on water without sacrificing daily activities with the use of low flow fixtures like showerheads, toilets and faucets.

If you’re renovating a bathroom or need to replace some of your plumbing fixtures here are some benefits you’ll get if you choose low flow fixtures.

Less consumption and lower bills  

Low flow faucets use technology like aerators to limit flow by mixing air into the water stream. Toilets use gravity or pressure assistance to achieve similar results. Reducing your water use then saves you money with a reduced bill. You’ll also save on your energy bill because you’ll use less hot water.

Less water softening or filtration

If you live in an area with hard water that requires a water softener or any other consumable filtration system, you will know that the more water you use, the more salt you need for softening. For whole house filtration, you will change filters more frequently. Switching to low flow fixtures allows you to use less salt and fewer filters while saving on the water itself.

Environmental benefits 

We share many fresh water sources like rivers and lakes with ecosystems that rely on that same water. Moving towards low flow fixtures allows us to conserve more water.

If you want to reap the benefits of low flow fixtures, give M.E. Flow a call and we can provide what you need to use less water without sacrificing your daily activities! M.E. Flow has three locations in Virginia to serve you: Alexandria, Leesburg and Winchester.

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