Boiler Owners Take the Chill Off With a Ductless Heat Pump

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Why wait for your radiators to heat up when you simply could add a split ductless system!

With winter right around the corner, many are starting to prepare for the cold season. Getting the heating system inspected and winterizing the plumbing is on most homeowner’s to do list. But if you own an older home that heats with a hot water boiler or some call them steam boilers …you’re thinking about your comfort during the transitional months.

What could a homeowner do during the fall season to stay comfortable day and night?  You’ve probably already experienced those times when the weather is not continuously cold enough to fire up your system, yet the evenings are still uncomfortably chilly!  Rather than layering up with sweaters and blankets…you could check out the advantages of adding a dual heating and cooling system–one that does not require any ductwork and is energy efficient!

Electric Heating & Cooling systems are perfect for boiler-heated homes. You’ll also get the added value of air conditioning for the summer months too! Because the heat pump system does not require ductwork.

Why wait on the wood, gas or oil boiler to push the heat through the radiators to take the chill off?  By adding this heat pump technology you’ll be comfortable! 

You will reduce the load requirement to your existing boiler system which will add years of service life before having to replace your boiler. 

Get peace of mind (and typically a greater rebate) when you go with a Contractor like M.E. Flow in Alexandria, Leesburg and Winchester. You will get peace of mind that the installers are properly trained. you’ll get a better warranty, quicker installation, and we offer some great financing options as well! 


M.E. Flow has a team of experts that are trained to fix, service, maintain, install and even troubleshoot your boilers! We offer free expert advice and estimates for replacement. We service many boilers in Arlington, Alexandria, Annandale, Fairfax, Fall Church, Woodbridge, Leesburg, Ashburn, and Winchester area!

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