Don’t Wait Until It’s Freezing To Check Your Heater

Cold Woman

Your home heating system is a bit like an automobile. We rely on our vehicles to start when we need them to. In fact, we get so used to them doing so, that we reward them with as little servicing as possible. If and when they do break down, we can usually get a tow truck and an appointment at the repair shop. That’s where furnaces are different. When your furnace breaks down, its usually on the first cold night of winter, together with a dozen others in the neighborhood.

We can think of several things you can do to check your heater and here are three of them. In no particular order, our tips are:

  • Run your system occasionally in the summer months to check your heater is working properly. Mechanisms do get stuck if they don’t operate from time to time, and you don’t need a jammed-up valve on a cold winter’s morning. At other times all that’s needed is a quick visual inspection to check the utilities are on, and that the pilot flame is on steady standby.
  • Check your boiler pressure by viewing the dial and making sure there are no signs of water leaks. This is also a good time to re-read the manufacturer’s operating instructions at your leisure and to familiarize yourself with advisories like turning off your boiler before tinkering with the pressure.
  • Run your heating system up and see if you detect cold areas in your home. If you have cold areas, you may need a thorough heating system check, in which case you should contact us.

The best advise we can give is to always have your heating system inspected by a qualified HVAC contractor prior to the winter months. This way, you can sleep easier this fall and winter knowing your heating system is safely checked.

ME Flow Inc. provides this advice as a free service to householders living in Alexandria, Leesburg, Winchester, and surrounding Northern Virginia areas. If you have not checked your heater prior to the winter months and are in any doubt concerning the safety and operability of your system, then call (571) 350-3183 and speak to a specialist at M.E. Flow.

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