Why Your New Energy Efficient HVAC System Is Not Performing as You Expected

Three Things to Consider Before You Replace Your HVAC System

Not getting the energy efficiency from your new HVAC equipment that you were expecting? Before you blame the HVAC equipment manufacturer too quickly– read this. I hate to break the news, but something you did may be the problem. When it was time to replace your HVAC system, you thought you took all the right steps— you shopped for 3 bids and you chose the lowest price because all the contractors quoted the same HVAC systems. At the time, you felt good about your decision and you were happy with the money you thought you were saving.

But did you consider these 3 key factors, before you accepted the lowest bid for your air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace?

3 Factors you need to consider when replacing your HVAC system:

  1. Right contractor
  2. Right system
  3. Proper installation

Unfortunately, the problem when you’re purchasing HVAC equipment is that you can’t test drive it like you can a car. You have to trust that the contractor is going to do the installation correctly. According to Energy Star, if your HVAC system is not properly installed, it can reduce the system efficiency by up to 30 percent and possibly even shorten the life of the equipment itself.

For some products, you can’t go wrong when shopping for the lowest price. With other products, like your heating and cooling system, you need to look at more than just the price tag. If you value quality, you want to know that the job will be done correctly and that the equipment will perform as it was designed– you need a contractor who offers added value….peace-of-mind.

Hopefully, this article helps you better understand what to look for when purchasing and replacing your heating and air conditioning equipment. It’s always best to work with a local HVAC contractor, someone recommended by a friend, a contractor who has been in business for decades, and employees NATE-certified technicians. And remember —there is a cost associated with this added value —that’s why a quality contractor will cost more than the guy who simply sells you the box.

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