Solving Hard Water Problems

hard water

Your Hard Water Could be the Culprit to Your Plumbing Problems

How many times have you fixed a running toilet or a leaky faucet? Do you feel like you’re constantly having to find a plumber to fix a plumbing problem? Are your dishes and glasses spotty when dry? If you have ever wondered why you have so many plumbing problems, check out the rest of this article for a simple solution to a very hard problem.

For a plumber, identifying the problems with hard water is an easy problem to spot…especially in Northern Virginia. For a someone who finds themselves dealing with the nuisances and problems created by untreated water it may be a mystery.

According to the Water Research Center website there are many indicators that someone may have a problem with hard water. Here are a few nuisance indicators:

  • Spotty dishes and glasses when dry
  • Film on glass shower doors and walls
  • White buildup on shower head
  • Reduced water pressure
  • Hair may feel sticky and look dull

Costly problems

Hard water, if left untreated, will go from a simple nuisance to creating big and costly problems for you. First, your water using appliances will become inefficient and cost your more to operate. Consider your water heater and piping…according to the Water Research Center when you heat hard water it forms a scale of calcium and magnesium minerals that can contribute to the inefficient operation or failure of your appliance. Your plumbing pipes can become clogged from the scale buildup which will reduce your water flow and eventually lead to having the pipe replaced.

Easy Solution

So, what is the easy solution to treating this hard problem with your water? Treating the water that comes into your home with a water softening system is the best solution for fixing hard water.

Who can help with your hard water problem?

A plumbing company, like M.E. Flow, who offers a customized solution to your water problems. We will test your water and tailor it’s treatment to the levels of contaminates found in your water supply. We’ve corrected and softened the water in many Northern Virginia homes be installing a CSI water system.

Who can help keep your plumbing system in check?

M.E. Flow offers a service that helps homeowners maintain their plumbing system and helps them conserve water. With a Plumbing Service Agreement (PSA) you get a once a year whole home plumbing inspection. You get the peace of mind knowing that you have a true plumbing specialist in your home and one that can answer your plumbing questions. A whole home plumbing inspection is also a great way to ask and get answer about the nuisance plumbing problems you may be dealing with too. Click here to check out the entire list of items that are included with this plumbing service from M.E. Flow. To speak to a plumbing specialist today about a whole home plumbing inspection or about softening and treating your water– call or fill out the form on this page.

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