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Do you purchase bottled water because your tap water taste like chlorine?

Have you wondered what’s in your drinking water and where your city water comes from?Would you be interested in a no-obligation customized solution to fix all your water problems?

Well, hang tight, the annual Consumer Confidence Report (CCR) should be out. The CCR is a requirement of the EPA for community water systems to deliver annual drinking water reports to their customers. These reports, which come out around July 1st, allow us to learn more about our drinking water. The CCR tells you where your water comes from and what is in it. You can find your local CCR here at the EPA website.
This is the time of the year when M.E. Flow’s water quality specialists become very busy! One of the questions often asked by those on city water in Northern Virginia is how to remove the taste of chlorine from their water? Many people on city water tell us they purchase bottled water because it does not taste like chlorine. To fix the problem of bad tasting water, many homeowners install a quality water filtration system for the home—that way their tap water always tastes great!

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A water filtration system can be installed for the whole-home or just one sink. M.E. Flow has a water filtration system that can be installed at any sink, typically the kitchen sink. This filtration system by Easywater not only makes your water taste great it also makes it healthier!

Want to improve the quality of your drinking water and remove the taste of chlorine? Give the water quality specialist at M.E. Flow a call and request a no-obligation consultation for the best way to treat your problem water.

If you have concerns about the quality of your drinking water in Winchester, Alexandria, Leesburg or any area in our service area of Northern Virginia, call M.E. Flow today and speak with a water quality specialist or fill out the form on this page. At M.E. Flow, you get a free customized solution to fix your all your water problems. We use CSI City Water Systems, Easywater and Revitalife drinking water systems.

Are you dealing with hard water problems? Watch for our next post where we fix a hard water problem in Winchester by installing a CSI water softening system.

For additional information about drinking water click here to the EPA website.

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