How To Avoid Property Damage From an AC Condensate Leak

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Condensate Leak– Is Another Reason to Have Your AC Checked for the Cooling Season!

What would you do if the condensate from your HVAC system caused a flood and damaged your flooring, ceiling or even the unit below yours?

If you have ever been without AC you know how brutal it can be in our Northern Virginia homes. But for whatever reason, it’s hard for some of us to call an air conditioning contractor, like M.E. Flow, when our system seems to be working fine. But what if your HVAC system causes property damage to your home or someone else’s home because you did not have it checked? If you knew that a leak from the condensate drain could have been avoided, would you be more inclined to have your AC system checked annually?

The answer is yes, especially if you own a condo when it’s probable that you have units below you. These units could sustain property damage from your condensate drain overflowing—it happens all the time! Can you imagine the ordeal if your neighbor informed you that your HVAC system is leaking into his unit!! Or, what if you came home to find your wood flooring soaked in water!!

An AC tune-up will keep you cool and save you from possible property damage!

According to the Energy Star website a plugged condensate drain can cause water damage in the house and affect indoor humidity levels. It’s recommended to have your condensate drain checked and inspected in your central air conditioner, furnace, and/or heat pump (when in cooling mode) for the heating and cooling season. For both condo’s and homes, M.E. Flow recommends having a condensate overflow safety switch and a flood detector switch installed during an HVAC tune-up.

Having these unique devices will save you from a wet sloppy mess! This can also save you from the hassle of mitigating the water damage. Upon sensing moisture or detecting the presence of condensate water, the the devices are engineered to turn off your HVAC system—preventing the overflow of water and damage to carpets, wood flooring, walls, furniture, ceilings and your neighbor below.

Get peace of mind–call today for your AC tune-up!

At M.E. Flow, we like to educate our clients and help them save money. That is why we offer maintenance service agreements for your heating, cooling, and plumbing systems. With our maintenance plans you will never have to worry. Our team of highly trained technicians will keep your system in top condition. You can relax knowing that your home comfort system receives our guaranteed superior attention.

Preventive maintenance service tune-ups will:

  • Help you avoid problems before they occur
  • Prolong the life or your HVAC equipment
  • Protect your property from unnecessary damages
  • Lower your energy bills because you system will be operating efficiently

Plus, with a service maintenance agreement, you will never forget to service your system again…because we remind you! You’ll also receive discounts and other perks and benefits listed on our website. Sign up today by calling on of our office locations in Alexandria, Leesburg, and Winchester. M.E. Flow provides AC services to all of Northern Virginia.

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