High Heating Bills?

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Did you know that half the energy used in your home is from your heating and cooling system?

The snow has not arrived but the cold weather certainly has! If you find that you’re already getting buried in high energy bills then it is time for you to checkout these 5 energy saving tips that can help you significantly reduce your utility bill this winter!

According to the Energy Star website your heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC) system is responsible for almost half of the energy used in your home with your water heater coming in second. Since your HVAC system is responsible for as much as half of your energy costs, here are some tips to help you recognize some areas where you could make a change and lower your electric bills and your gas bill if you have a gas furnace or boiler.

Energy saving tips for improved heating and air conditioning performance:

  1. Do you leave your thermostat at one constant temperature? If so, you could set a programmable thermostat to adjust the temperature at times when you’re sleeping or away from home and therefore save some energy.
  2. Are you changing your filters regularly? When your filters are dirty the dirt builds up in your HVAC system and it will have to work harder to operate, making it less efficient.
  3. Are you providing routine maintenance to your heating and air conditioning system? Proper maintenance is key to performance and efficiency your equipment is designed for. It’s recommended to have your system serviced for the heating season and again for the cooling season annually.
  4. Are some of your room too hot and others too cold? This could be an issue with insulation or even your heating and cooling ducts. You could have a hole in your ductwork or even a poorly connected duct—which would result in a higher utility bill. You may want to have your ducts checked and/or sealed.
  5. Is your heating and cooling system over 10 years old? Since it’s responsible for almost half of your energy cost consider replacing it with a high efficiency Energy Star model. In most cases, the energy savings can help make up for the cost of a new unit, especially if your home comfort system is over ten years old.

If you’re not providing routine maintenance on your HVAC system…you really should consider it now before your furnace stops working and you need a repair. When spring arrives, have your indoor and outdoor coils checked. If the coil is dirty it will reduce the system’s ability to cool your home. This will make your system run longer, which will in turn increase your energy costs.

Hope these tips were helpful. Watch for our next blog post for energy tips related to your water heater. M.E. Flow is a heating, cooling and plumbing contractor with office locations in Leesburg, Alexandria, and Winchester. We cover the entire Northern Virginia area and offer free in-home estimates for HVAC replacement.

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