How Hiring The Cheapest Heating and Cooling Contractor Could Cost You More


If your heating system stops working this winter season, do you know who to call? If you think you should call the cheapest contractor to fix your heating system–think again. As we enter into the winter season here in Northern Virginia, many homeowners will suddenly realize that their heating system has developed new problems or has an unresolved operating issue leftover from last winter. The problems with the heating system may be so serious that a new heat pump or furnace is needed.  If you have not recently had your heating system serviced by a heating contractor and you think it may be time to replace your heating system, how do you know who to call? How will you determine that you’re calling the best heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) contractor?

One of the common mistakes consumers make when hiring a heating and air conditioning contractor is hiring based solely on price. Hiring a heating and air conditioning company based solely on price can not only be dangerous, but it is typically the bait to get inside your home, where unnecessary repairs will be found to increase the price.

Over the years, a high number of consumer complaints prompted a popular investigative TV show to conduct several undercover investigations into ripoff A/C companies, exposing their competency and honesty. So, how do you determine whether a heating & cooling contractor is the right contractor since, you won’t find any contractors claiming that they are not legit or qualified for the job? Relying solely on customers’ reviews is a dodgy affair as they can be made up or even purchased. So now that you know not to hire a contractor based solely on price, what should you look for in a contractor?

Click this link for our last blog post that explains the key points you need to look at when hiring a heating and air conditioning contractor this winter in Northern Virginia.

Do you have a question about your heating and cooling system? Are you considering replacing your heating current system? Do you want to know about available options that can improve your home comfort and save you money on your energy bills? Contact M.E. Flow today. We look forward to helping you with solutions to your home comfort needs.

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