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Danze Faucet

Did you know that our plumbers in Leesburg respond to more calls to fix leaky kitchen and bathroom faucets than our plumbers in Alexandria and Winchester do?

Why so many faucet repair calls in Leesburg? I don’t know if it’s because of the convenient location of the big hardware store or there simply have been more bathroom remodeling projects here in Leesburg.

With so many calls in Leesburg for leaky faucets we knew the problem was in the faucet, and don’t get me wrong our plumbing division appreciates the work, so we decided to come up with a solution for our customers because —honestly your faucet should last a lifetime.

As a believer of quality over quality, the same is true when purchasing your faucet fixtures– and maybe that’s why these faucets are not available at the local hardware store. This is why we love our new line of kitchen and bathroom faucets from Danze! This is why M.E. Flow says we have fabulous faucet fixtures!

Here’s what you get when you purchase Danze faucets and shower heads:

  • High-end product at a great price point
  • Styles, finish, and collections for all decorating styles
  • Lifetime warranty from defects in material and workmanship
  • Used with ease and reliability

So, I don’t know if the number of plumbing calls for broken faucets will go down in Leesburg –but M.E. Flow is going try.

We will miss seeing our fiends in Leesburg as often but we’re happy to stop by annually for your whole home plumbing inspection.

Although, we still carry Moen faucet fixtures— we offer Danze too because it is a high-end product and a great price point. Interested in purchasing Danze? You can check out the Danze online showroom here. Find something you like –let us know and we will get your faucets and send over our best plumber to install them for you.

Here are some helpful tips from Danze for picking out a kitchen faucet. Check out the builder testimonial here for Danze faucets.

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