The Secret of M.E. Flow

M.E. Flow

What’s the Secret to M.E. Flow’s Success…and who is Heidi?

I’m guilty — I missed an important date this past week —it was the anniversary of the passing of a person here that was most important to everyone. So, after missing that date, I took time to reflect on life, business, and relationships, and decided to share my story with you, along with the secret of this unique family business.

Here’s my story

Quite honestly, I was settled and living full-time in sunny Florida and had no plans to ever leave. It was in the spring of 2012 when my uncle, Brian Goulet, President of M.E. Flow, came for a visit with my aunt Judy. Many of you knew my uncle, so you know he had a way with people, and if he wanted something, he would do the work to get it.

Well… I don’t know if he was working a plan or not when they came to visit— but not long after, I found myself working here with my family in the family business. So, I went from seeing my Virginia family once a year… to almost every day!!

Here’s what I’ve learned

We have many long-term customers who tell me they use M.E. Flow because they like that it’s a family business– one of honor and integrity. Many of our customers knew my uncle too. If you knew him, you know he was always checking-in– via phone or in-person– on his fellow business friends, customers and employees, and those in need. He was a relationship person and a caring individual.

My Position Here

Marketing and client relations— and how times have changed in both fields! A big part of M.E. Flow’s success was driven by word-of-mouth marketing— back when the community was smaller and most everyone went with “The Flow.” Today, people still know M.E. Flow from word-of-mouth recommendations and the relationships with our clients. But the community has grown and the way people communicate has significantly changed, too. So, when you see my name, Heidi, online– in a blog post, Facebook post, responding to a review– you’ll know who Heidi is.

The Secret of our Success

Valuing relationships — it’s the foundation this company was built on. Brian valued and cared for his employees just as much as his customers, hand selecting many of our team members. I’m sure that’s why we have so many long term employees and customers.

M.E. Flow just celebrated 25 years in Loudoun County and is now operated by the third generation of the family– brother and sister, Scott and Michelle. Although, nobody can replace or fill Brian’s shoes, the company is in good hands. Scott and Michelle are lucky enough to have grown up with such an outstanding role model and father. And today, I see Brian’s qualities in them! For that, is the secret to our success!

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