Why is my basement so cold in the summer?

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Are you fighting with excess humidity in your basement? If you live in Northern Virginia, you may have asked yourself this same question: “Why is my basement so cold in the spring and summer time?”

Like many homeowners living in Northern Virginia, you may have finished your basement and use it for extra living space, a children’s playroom, or a place to enjoy a few games of pool. The only problem is that in the summer it’s damp, cold, and uncomfortable. Summer’s high humidity is just another indoor air quality (IAQ) problem that today’s heating and air conditioning contractor are trained to identify and correct.

One of the reasons your Northern Virginia basement is cold in the spring and summer is that the ground temperature is around 54 degrees and full of moisture. Therefore, that’s why many homes are using a portable dehumidifier in the basement to try to control the high level of humidity. Portable dehumidifiers do have a hard time keeping up with the constant infiltration of dampness that’s why homeowners are turning to the whole home solution to control humidity by installing a dehumidifier by Aprilaire for their finished basements. By installing a whole home dehumidifier in your finished basement in your Northern Virginia home it will not feel cold and clammy –making your basement a place you’ll want to spend time in.

According to Aprilaire.com, the maker of whole home dehumidifiers, some of the issues you notice around your home are related to humid air:

  • Your home feels cold–even at normal indoor temperatures
  • You’ve found mold growing in certain area of our home
  • You’ve noticed that air vents are rusting or discolored
  • You’ve noticed a bad smell in your basement or crawl space

So, if you have a basement or crawl space in Northern Virginia, and you need help with mildew and musty odors, consider the installation of a dehumidifier. A trained heating and air conditioning IAQ specialist can help you understand the benefits that a whole home dehumidifier vs. a portable dehumidifier can provide.

Call M.E. Flow today or fill out the form on this page if you have:

  • Musty odors
  • Basement feels damp
  • You’ve seen mold or mildew on items in your basement
  • You store valuable items in your basement
  • Your currently using a portable dehumidifier

M.E. Flow’s trained home comfort advisors can measure the moisture levels in your basement and help you win the battle of high humidity!

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