How we Fixed a Broken Waterline in Centreville

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High water bill? How do you know if you have a leak in your waterline and not a leak in your toilet? How do you fix the leak in your waterline when it’s underground? A client in Centreville had a leaking water pipe under his concrete driveway. Check out this post and find out the solution he went with to repair this difficult leak.

When our client in Centreville was contacted by the Fairfax water authority it was confirmed that he had a leak in his water line that needed to be repaired. He was told that he had a pipe leading from the water meter into his yard that was leaking. Like many homes in the Northern Virginia area, the location of the leak was in the pipe that runs under the driveway and into his home.

After hearing of the leak, the biggest concern for the homeowner was to find a plumbing contractor in Centreville who could fix it quickly. The leak was losing about 4 gallons of water every minute. Finding a plumbing contractor who could provide a long-term solution for the waterline repair and not a temporary fix was important. Also, it was important to the homeowner to protect the newly poured concrete driveway from jackhammer damage and to get his water service restored quickly.

He called a few plumbing companies for estimates to fix/repair the broken waterline. Prior to contacting M.E. Flow, he was given an estimate for a method called sleeving which is putting a pipe inside a sleeve to stop the water from leaking. Although sleeving does work, it is unknown how long this solution would hold and then when would he have to repair the leak again.

After speaking with our plumbing specialist on the phone, it was suggested that M.E. Flow provide an estimate to replace the waterline by using a horizontal boring technique (going underground and below the driveway). This was suggested based on what he told us over the phone and we felt that this would be the best solution for fixing his waterline.

Using the horizontal boring technique and equipment, many water lines can be fixed without major intrusion and destruction to your yard and driveway. This technique can quickly fix a problem within hours vs. days of digging and destruction to your driveway or yard. Within hours the leaking water pipes can be repaired / replaced and the water service can be restored.

The Centreville homeowner hired the M.E. Flow plumbing team to replace the broken waterline. Need a plumbing contractor to give you an estimate to fix your broken water line? Contact M.E. Flow and we will save your driveway and yard from destruction and fix your water line.

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