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Purchasing a Home in the County?

Have you gotten to know the lay of the land? Here are a few thing you need to know…

Many of us have the dream of getting out of the city and moving to the country. Having a home in the country you’re able to enjoy the peace and quiet along with the natural landscape. But before you make the move be sure you consider these three things:

The lay of the land, the water supply, and the condition of the septic system.

Living in the city does have its advantages— along with the advantage or the convenience of being on city water and sewer. When you move to the country, or a place that does not offer city water and sewer, you are on your own.

I often wondered about the problems and plumbing emergencies homeowners deal with who are not on city water or sewer… until I read an article written by Roger M. Waller called “Ground Water and The Rural Homeowner.” In this article well-water levels, flooded basements, and contamination from septic systems, are common problems rural families often deal with.

Wet Basement

Waller suggests getting to know the lay of the land by visiting it during adverse conditions and heavy rains. Where does the runoff go? Make sure it’s away from the house and not going into the basement. You’ll want to make sure you have a working sump pump.

Water Supply

Is the water supply adequate and are the means of disposing of wastewater safe? How deep is the well? Disappointed rural homeowners have sometimes found out too late that the well drilled on their new land does not yield enough water or that the water is of poor chemical quality. Wells can be contaminated by septic systems.

Septic System

Know the location of the septic system. Is there an odor of sewage, a wet area, or lush grass over a leach field, especially during dry periods? If so, it could indicate a potential problem. You’ll also want to know its proximity to your water supply.

Those are just three things to consider…for additional considerations please check out the article written by Waller. If you have questions about your plumbing, well, well pump, or septic, give M.E.Flow a call in Northern Virginia. We have plumbing experts in our three locations of Alexandria, Leesburg, and Winchester.

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