Why Your AC Needs a Maintenance Tune-up


My Air Conditioner is working just fine, do I really need to spend the money and have an AC tune-up?

Are you on the fence? Can’t decide if you should get your AC system tune-up now? Maybe you would rather wait until you have a problem or it just stops working? That’s a question asked by many busy property and business owners throughout Northern Virginia. We wrote this article today to help you get off the fence and stay cool this summer!

First, if you go another season without having the necessary maintenance on your system, your air conditioner will stop working sooner or later. Think of your AC system like your car. You know what happens when you miss your oil changes or if you forget to rotate your tires! You’ll soon be spending money on replacement tires or you’ll find your car is not performing like it should.

When your AC stops blowing cool air it will happen at the least convenient time.

  • After working all day
  • When you have overnight guests
  • When your entertaining
  • When you work from home
  • You own a commercial business and your AC fails during business hours

Of course, there is no guarantee that even if you do have your AC tune-up service something won’t go wrong. However, you will have peace of mind knowing you’ll get the following benefits:

  • Prolong the life or your HVAC system – a maintained system will last years longer.
  • Keep your warranty valid — like your car’s warranty, your AC system requires maintenance too.
  • Help identify and fix minor problems before they become bigger problems — saving you money on unnecessary repairs and cleaning!

If it’s been over a year since you last had maintenance on your air conditioning system, call M.E. Flow today and schedule your AC tune up! M.E. Flow has AC service technicians in your neighborhood with office locations in Alexandria, Leesburg and Winchester. Call (571) 350-3183 or fill out the form on this website.

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